Birth Infection Malpractice Lawyers NJ

mother and child: birth infection malpractice lawyers nj

Birth Infection Malpractice Lawyers NJ

Preventing and minimizing mother-to-infant infections during pregnancy and birth is a primary duty of every Ob-Gyn.  When a mother’s Ob-Gyn fails to fulfill this duty and commits obstetric medical malpractice by allowing serious infections to go undetected or untreated in a timely and proper fashion,  an infant can become septic and develop meningitis which may lead to permanent brain injury.

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Birth Infection Malpractice Lawyers NJ:  Signs of Infection

Newborn babies are especially susceptible infection.  Their immune systems aren’t fully developed to fight parasite, viruses and bacteria that cause infections.  Consequently, when infant gets sick, he or she may be best served spending some time in the neonatal until of the hospital after birth, to make sure all is well before heading home. Although this can be frightening, its often the safest way to insure good health going forward.

Different infections can have similar symptoms.  See your pediatrician or get emergency medical attention if your infant shows any of these signs:

  • decreased or elevated temperature
  • poor feeding
  • difficulty breathing
  • constantly crying
  • unusual irritability
  • serious skin rash or color change

Unusual change in your baby’s behavior –  sleeping all the time or very little –  can also signal that something’s not right.

If your infant is less than 2 months old, concern over the above-listed symptoms should be heightened.  To be on the safe side, you should never hesitate have your baby checked by your pediatrician immediately whenever you suspect a problem.

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