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Car accident claims, like all other personal injury claims in New Jersey, require proof that someone’s negligent conduct caused personal injury.  

If you’ve been harmed by a car accident, EMS and police must be summoned to the scene to attend to your injuries and determine what caused the accident. Do not leave the scene until your injuries have been treated by medical professionals, who should take you to the hospital or urge you to see a doctor without delay.

In addition, you or your loved ones should contact your insurance carrier to report the accident and initiate a “PIP” claim.  

“PIP” is short for Personal Injury Protection. It’s the part of your auto insurance policy which provides primary coverage (before any health insurance you may have) for the payment of your medical expenses arising from an auto accident, regardless of who was at fault, which is why it’s also known as “no fault” insurance. When you go to the hospital or visit your doctor, be sure to provide your auto insurance policy information and “PIP” claim number.

There are two other aspects of your auto insurance coverage that can come into play when you’ve been injured in an auto accident, both of which are listed on the policy “declaration pages” which summarize your coverage.

First, find the word “threshold”. If the policy says you’ve got the “verbal threshold” or “lawsuit threshold,” your right to file a personal injury claim against the person who cause the accident may depend on whether your injury is permanent. On the other hand, if your policy says you’ve got ” a “zero threshold” or “no threshold,”  then your right to make a claim may not depend on whether your injury is permanent.

Second, find the amount of your UM/UIM coverage. UM is short for uninsured motorist and UIM is short for underinsured motorist. This type of coverage can come into play if the person who caused the accident has left the scene, has no insurance, or insufficient coverage for your claim.

Someone should also take photos of the accident scene and vehicle damage as soon as possible, before evidence at the scene is altered or vehicles are destroyed at the scrap yard. Police and insurance adjusters will often take photos, but its best if you or someone you trust can also do so when possible.

Car Accident Lawyer NJ

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