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New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Quality Trumps Convenience

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Quality Trumps Convenience

Every New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer is aware that new clients are naturally inclined to find a local lawyer for the sake of convenience.  This is why some lawyers have offices in more than one location.  For example, I have offices in Mahwah, Hackensack, Hamilton, and Piscataway, with another to open in Belmar very soon.

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer-Quality Desk Photo

That said, if you’ve been seriously injured in some kind of accident, or on account of medical malpractice, your search for a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer should begin and end with a search for quality, not convenience.  If you can find someone who offers both, so much the better, but when in doubt, choose quality.  Here’s why. 

First of all, in today’s high tech world, you can count on one hand the number of times you’ll need to travel to your attorney’s office over the 6 to 36 month average life span of a typical New Jersey personal injury or medical malpractice case.  In fact, it’s not unusual for a dedicated New Jersey personal injury lawyer to travel to his new client’s home for the first meeting, since that client is often seriously injured and unable to travel without aid.

In addition, experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers don’t lend much weight to convenience when choosing where to file their client’s cases.  Instead, the location which offers a particular case its best chance for success (for lots of different reasons) should always be the one where the lawsuit is filed, no matter how far away it might be from a client’s home or a lawyer’s office.  For example, I was recently retained by a Monmouth County resident who suffered a serious permanent injury due to medical malpractice at a Monmouth County hospital.  But I filed the suit in Camden County, where the negligent doctor resides, because that is where my client is more likely to face a favorable jury, and where cases generally move more quickly on the Court’s calendar.  How do I know this?  Part experience, part consultation with other experienced colleagues who are fellow members of the New Jersey Association for Justice.

Most importantly, however, the success of your case depends on having a well-credentialed and experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer to handle it every step of the way.  Is your lawyer Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney?  Is he or she an active member of the New Jersey Association for Justice?  Has your lawyer received high marks from Martindale-Hubbell, the oldest and most respected attorney rating institution in the nation?  What is your lawyer’s rating on Avvo, the largest interactive attorney-client information exchange in the country? 

These are the questions you should be asking in your search for qualified counsel.  For more information, call New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Patrick X. Amoresano for a free consultation at (201) 704-2280.

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Personal Injury Lawyer NJ Mall at Short Hills-Short on Security

Personal Injury Lawyer NJ Mall at Short Hills Short on Security

Personal Injury Lawyer NJ-Mall at Short Hills: Shooting Victim Photo

A few years ago, the Short Hills Mall apparently stopped paying off-duty Essex County Sheriff’s officers to patrol its parking lots, presumably to cut its operating expenses and increase its profits. Meanwhile, State statistics were allegedly showing a significant spike in Essex County carjackings.  

If so, this recipe for disaster dealt a devastating blow to a young Hoboken couple three months ago, when carjackers shot thirty year old Dustin Friedland in the head and left him for dead while his wife Jaime watched in horror.

The four carjackers have since been arrested to face felony murder charges, a small consolation for Mrs. Friedland.  She’s forever lost her beloved husband, a successful patent attorney and project engineer for a family-owned enterprise called Epic Mechanical.

Mrs. Friedland recently filed suit  in the Superior Court of New Jersey against the Short Hills Mall and their protection services company for allegedly failing to provide adequate security, as well as for allegedly failing to appreciate the fact that the large box-shaped vehicles typically used by first aid personnel would not be able to pass beneath the low-hanging parking deck in the parking garage and reach the area where Friedland and his wife had been accosted.

When interviewed about the case by the Newark Star-Ledger, Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura, whose officers had been dismissed from off-duty service at the mall, was caustic in his criticisms:

“I think that if there had been a highly visible, well-trained police officer there being vigilant, …it prevents a lot of stuff.  It doesn’t allow for murderous thugs to sit and lie in wait and to case the place for days.” 

Also included as a defendant in Friedland’s lawsuit is the Millburn-Short Hills Volunteer First Aid Squad, which allegedly took an excessive period of time to respond to Mrs. Friedland’s 911 pleas for help.

Personal Injury Lawyer NJ Mall


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Board Certified New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

board certified new jersey personal injury attorney image of board certification logo

Civil Trial Attorney Certifications are issued by the New Jersey Supreme Court to lawyers who’ve submitted the details of their careers – trials skills, experience, and special education – to the scrutiny of expert Board members specially selected by the New Jersey Supreme Court to insure high standards  of civil trial practice in the State of New Jersey.  In addition, all applicants must pass a written examination, identify others lawyers who’ve opposed them in Court, and Judges before whom they’ve appeared, to attest to their professional reputation, integrity, and skills.

The Certification Program helps consumers identify lawyers who’ve demonstrated proficiency in specialized fields of law. Certification aids attorneys by in making their special credentials known to prospective clients and other attorneys.  Certification also encourages lawyers to maintain and improve their levels of competence through continuing education, training, and best practices in their respective areas of law, including Civil Trial Law, Criminal Trial Law, Matrimonial Law, Workers Compensation Law, and Municipal Court Law. 

Less than three (3%)  percent of all attorneys in New Jersey are Board Certified in Civil Trial Law, and certifications last for just five years, after which the lawyer must renew his application for continued certification.

Board Certified New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

So if your searching for a first-rate New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney, you’d be well advised to chose one with a consistent history of Board Certification.  Patrick X. Amoresano has been doing justice for injured New Jersey clients for more than three decades.  The Supreme Court of New Jersey issued him his first Certification as a Civil Trial Attorney in 1990, and has repeatedly renewed that certification every five to seven years.  In addition, Martindale-Hubbell, the oldest and most-respected attorney rating organization in the nation, has seen fit to award Mr. Amoresano with its highest honor – AV Preeminent – the pinnacle of legal ability and ethical standards.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers NJ Case Review

medical malpractice lawyers nj case review image of surgery

Like all New Jersey personal injury claims, a New Jersey medical malpractice claim arises from injury on account of negligence.  Unlike a driver who’s blown a stop sign, however, a medical malpractice matter involves the conduct of a healthcare professional whose actions are compared to the medical community’s accepted standards of care. 

Therefore, to prove that a particular doctor or nurse has been negligent, a qualified expert from the same medical specialty is typically required to render an opinion after review of the patient’s pertinent medical records.

If the expert finds negligence, the next question is whether the doctor or nurse’s negligence has done the patient harm. After all, we don’t normally seek medical care in the first place unless there’s already something wrong with us.

Sometimes, the injury caused by the negligence is obvious, even to the untrained layperson.  In other words, you don’t need an expert to know that leaving a scalpel inside a patient is unacceptable.  But most of the time, the connection between the negligence and the patient condition is not perfectly clear.  Instead, this connection is complicated by questions of causation –  did any or all of the patient’s ailments arise from a pre-existing injury or disease, rather than from acts of malpractice?  In such cases, another expert specializing in the particular injury is often required to establish a clear connection between that injury and the alleged medical negligence.

Finally, the attorney and his client need to carefully assess exactly what kind of harm has been caused by the medical malpractice. Is the client’s resulting injury slight or serious, permanent or temporary?  In fact, when evaluating the risks and rewards of prosecuting a medical malpractice claim, severity of injury is really the first and most important question.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers NJ Case Review

Legally speaking, any kind of harm caused by medical malpractice is eligible for compensation, but as a practical matter, one must carefully consider whether spending a lot of time and money on a risky and contested case would be worthwhile when the claim that has limited monetary value.  That said, If you believe you’ve got a worthwhile case, do not hesitate contact experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyers NJ immediately for a free consultation concerning the wisest course of action.

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