ER Medical Malpractice Lawyers NJ

ER Medical Malpractice Lawyers NJ: Image of Hosptal ER EntranceAccording to surveys conduct by the National Center for Health Statistics, over-crowding and wait times in emergency rooms across the country have been steadily on the rise, especially in urban areas with large populations.  In other words, never has the need for quality care by well-staffed hospitals been greater.  Every day, patients needing immediate treatment for serious injuries or the sudden onset of symptoms from dibilitating disease arrive at emergency rooms under-staffed by fatigued and often under-trained personnel employing sub-standard procedures with outdated equipment.  These are ideal conditions for life-threatening errors to occur, largely on account of failures to timely, properly, and accurately evaluate and treat symptoms such as those suggestive of impending heart attack, stroke, brain injury, embolism, etc.  The misdiagnosis and mismanagement of injury and disease is all too common in New Jersey emergency rooms, notably including the failure to diagnose appendicitis, aortic aneurysm, myocardial infarction, cerebral bleeding, deep vein thrombosis, placenta abruption, and pneumonia.  Prescription Medication Errors are also a serious problem.  If you or your loved one has suffered serious injury as a result of emergency room mistakes, contact ER Medical Malpractice Lawyers NJ Attorney Patrick Amoresano for a free and confidential consultation.

ER Medical Malpractice Lawyers NJ: Emergency Room Errors

In an attempt to improve their quality of care and avoid doing further harm to already suffering patients, hospitals try to learn lessons from case histories involving delayed or missed diagnosis From such lessons, some hospitals design better triage systems to make sure there’s timely and sufficient interaction between the patient and multiple medical professionals, as well as effective communication among the medical professionals so that vital information is not overlooked, and patients are not discharged improperly or prematurely. 

Nevertheless, present estimates of malpractice claims arising from inadequate emergency room care put annual costs in excess of $1 billion.