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There’s no greater love than parents for their children, and no greater hope than for their good health.  Serious injuries and infections inflicted on a child by obstetric or nursing medical malpractice before or during an infant’s birth can have profound consequences for an entire family’s future.  Tragic examples of this are permanent brain injury due to birth infections passed from mother to child as a consequence of an Ob-Gyn’s failure to timely diagnose and treat the condition; Cerebral Palsy due to fetal distress undetected or untreated immediately by an Ob-Gyn and/or labor and delivery room nurses; Episiotomy malpractice resulting in a rectovaginal fistula and/or disfunctional sphincter muscle; and Erb’s Palsy after improper management of a delivery development known as Shoulder Dystocia.  If you or someone you love has suffered such terrible misfortune, contact Patrick Amoresano, ranked among the best New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers,  for a free and confidential consultation as soon as possible at 201-704-2280.

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers:  Birth Defects

Birth defects are physically and/or mentally disabling/disfiguring abnormalities of anatomical structure or function which present themselves from the moment of birth.  There are thousands of different types of birth defects, the leading cause of infant mortality within the 1st year of life.

Causes vary widely, including:

Genetics –  disfunctional genes and/or chromosomal schemes.

Environment – The mother’s exposure to measles, rubella, alcohol or drugs during pregnancy. 

Defects in an infant’s anatomical structure include heart valve disfigurement and disfunction, cleft palates and lips, misshaped or missing limbs, and neurological issues involving the brain and spinal cord, adversely affecting normal growth and development.

Defects in function also involve the brain and nervous system, adversely affecting intellectual ability, speech capacity, and mobility.  Notable examples include Downs Syndrome and Autism. Defects in function also include sight and hearing ability.

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