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New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney: Image of Child in Car Seat.

New Jersey Defective Products Liability Laws are among the best in the nation, which is one of the reasons why many of the most important defective products liability lawsuits are started and decided here.  Apart from dangerous drugs, the two categories of defective products that account for the worst types of personal injury to New Jersey consumers are defective automotive products, such as defective tires or defective brakes, and defective medical-surgical products and devices, such as Da Vinci Robots Durom Cup and other metal-on-metall hip implantshospital bedssteroid injections, and Stryker Neptune Surgical Waste Systems.  If you or your loved ones have been harmed by a defective product, contact New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney Patrick Amoresano for a free and confidential consultation.

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney:  More About Defective Products

The Federal Governments’ Consumer Products Safety Commission exists to protect the public from thousands of types of consumer products which pose significant risks of serious injury or death.  Injuries, death, and damage from products sold to consumers account for over $1 trillion a year in avoidable expense. The mission of the Consumer Product Safety Commission is to protect the public from consumer products that represent a risk to their health or safety due to design or manufacturing defects.  The work of the CPSC’s is intended to ensure that consumer products of all types are completely safe for use by the public, particularly children.  In the last forty years, actions taken by the CPSC have contributed to a decline in death and injury rates due to consumer products purchased througout the nation.

Consumers can order safety guides, alerts, posters, and other items from the CPSC by sending an email to  Visit their website for specifics at, and in your email be sure to include a complete description of the types and quantities of materials you’re requesting.