NJ Personal Injury Lawyer

NJ Personal Injury Lawyer

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Anyone who’s ever watched an hour of TV knows that prescription drugs are inherently dangerous products.  The ads routinely tell us more about side effects than benefits.  This is the FDA’s way of letting us know that they told us so.  Unfortunately, thousands still suffer and die each year because of badly made and marketed medications, or because good medication has been badly managed by pharmacists and physicians.  If you or your loved ones have suffered serious side effects from taking prescription medications, contact NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Patrick Amoresano for a free and confidential consultation.

NJ Personal Injury Lawyer: The Federal Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services within the Federal Government.   The FDA is headed by a Commissioner and four assistant directors who supervise the core purposes of the entire agency, which include: Foods, Medicines, Medical Products, Tobacco Products, Worldwide Regulatory Operations and Public Policy.

The responsibilities of the Food and Drug Adminstration include-

  • protecting the health of all consumers by seeing to the safety, security, quality and effectiveness of all drugs for human and animal consumption, of all other biological products (especially vaccines), and of all types of medical devices. In additions, the FDA is in charge of insuring the security and safety of the national food supply, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and any type of product that emits radiation.  It also has a special responsibility for regulating tobacco products.
  • The FDA also helps to protect and promote the public health by making sure that foods (other than poultry, eggs, and livestock meat products supervised by the U.S. Department of Agriculture) are sanitary, wholesome, safe, and correctly labeled; It also acts to ensure vaccines, drugs, other biological products, and all types of medical devices are safe for human use and consumption.
  • Jurisdiction of the FDA’s extends to the fifty States and all other United States territories.